AJS & Matchless Owners Club Kent Section Run List 2019

All Runs are Dependent On Weather

O/B = Weekday Run,  S/R = Sunday Run.   E/R = Evening Run SA/R = Saturday Run.

Date          Run     Run Leader          Meet At          Time  Destination


March 24th  S/R        Brian Horne             Polhill                10:00     Pioneer Run

March 27th O/B         Terry May               Oakdene Cafe    10:30     Staplehurst

April 28th     S/R        Bert Spicer               Hollyville Cafe  10:30     East Peckham

May 26th      S/R         Dave Hampson        Hollyville Cafe   10:30     Magical Mystery Tour

June 23rd      S/R         Dave Hampson       Hollyville Cafe    10:30    Magical Mystery Tour

July 21st      S/R        Mick Turner             Hollyville Cafe  10:30     RAF Museum Manston

August 18th  S/R        John Bugg                 Oakdene Cafe    10:30   Wagon & Horses Charing

Sept      22nd  S/R       Harry Dunk             Hollyville Cafe    10:30    Headcorn Aerodrome

Oct       20th

!!!!Run leader still required for October!!!!


The list of leaders for Club Runs is being collated by Terry May. If you wish to lead a run please contact him either on a Club night or by e-mail.

!!!REMEMBER!!! All runs in 2019 will start from The Hollyville Cafe unless otherwise stated in advance.

!!!!There will be an “official” Section run one Sunday every month! Weekday runs will be organised on an ad hoc basis and directed via John Bugg who will email all members as to date, time and meeting start location!!!!

Please check that if you have agreed to lead a run the date is in your diary and keep the date clear.

Fill your tank up before the start of the run!!!!

Old & Bold runs on Wednesdays. If cancelled due to bad weather, they may be rescheduled on the next available Wednesday of the month.

The run leader is responsible for informing section members by Email, phone or contacting the Website administrator (Chris Spicer) in the event of cancelling a run due to bad weather.

If you wish to meet a run at it’s destination please inform the run leader prior to the date.